Why Use This Site?

Is it for me?

Stressful events such as a disaster challenge our capacity to cope.  They force us to re-evaluate our beliefs and find new ways to move ahead in our lives.  This site is designed to help you with this process. 

This self-help tool is intended to assist anyone who has experienced a disaster or other traumatic event in the last few weeks or months, including:

  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Fire or explosion
  • Motor Vehicle or other Transportation Accidents (e.g. boat, motorcycle, plane, train)
  • Serious accident at work, home, or during recreational activity
  • Industrial Accident
  • Community Violence and/or Terrorist Attack
  • Physical Assault (e.g. being attacked, hit, slapped, kicked, beaten up)
  • Sexual Assault
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Combat or Exposure to a War Zone
  • Sudden, violent death to another person
  • Sudden, unexpected death of someone close to you
  • Serious injury, harm, or death you caused to someone else
  • Loved ones of a survivor, who are experiencing post-disaster or traumatic stress reactions themselves

If you use this service and find that you are not improving, please seek face-to-face help from a traumatic stress specialist.